Desolenator: transforming sunshine into water


Pure drinking water is an energy-intensive and critical issue for millions in the world. The unfortunate reality is that wars are already being fought due to water crisis. iX has partnered with Desolenator LLC, a Dutch and UAE based company with a global patent on its desalination technology, where iX is a core development partner. iX is incubating the technology and development process together with the prestigious College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET). The Desolenator will be able to provide between 10-15 litres of pure drinking water per day.

Desolenator will provide families with the ability to turn salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water. The technology has the potential to provide water independence for up to a billion people living in coastal and water stressed areas – using the power of the sun alone.

In developing countries people often have to walk miles to fetch water on a daily basis. What do you think a mother could do with those 2 or 3 extra hours a day? Many people around the world get their water via a water truck coming to their village. The water truck is irregular and drinking water will still need to be boiled to be ready for consumption. It is also expensive – iX have met families in South India that pay up to $16 a week for all of their water! By 2030 the UN estimates that HALF the worlds population will be living in water stressed areas and that’s the full gamut from ‘extreme’ water stress (think of the skeleton coast in Namibia) through to mild water stress.

That’s where Desolenator can make the difference. It takes the solar radiation that hits the surface of the system and harnesses ALL of it. Unlike reverse osmosis systems that are expensive, have consumables and which are usually powered by fossil fuels or solar stills which have a low yield, Desolenator is robust, energy independent and has no moving parts. During its lifetime Desolenator will desalinate water at a lower cost per litre than any system at this scale available on the market today.

The Desolenator campaign is seeking to raise $150k to accelerate its product development process and help it move from its current prototype to a finished product ready for mass production. They also want to help create a movement. A group of passionate individuals and communities who understand that water is one of the key issues for the world and want to do as much as they can to help ensure that no one on the planet goes thirsty.

They have the solution, but need your help to make it as widely available as possible.

Join the campaign and help crowdfund this awesome initiative:


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