Feeding and Helping the Poor: Hotel Ghareeb Nawaz


Hotel Ghareeb Nawaz is a local restaurant of Samundri, Faisalabad, Pakistan. At this life-changing establishment not only do they serve free food to those who can not afford it, but the restaurant also helps poor disabled people to eat. Even during rush hour, a waiter can be seen feeding one of his special guests.

The owner of the hotel, Haji Shabbir Ahmed, told The Express Tribune that the hotel was established before the partition and was named the Gharib Nawaz [the carer of the poor] by his forefathers. “Since its establishment, it has been our practice to provide free food to the poor,” he said. “And with the passage of time, people have started giving money to us as charity to provide free food to more people. Now we can provide for hundreds”

The Gharib Nawaz Hotel is not the only hotel that provides free food to the poor but it is famous for its cheap rates even for those who can afford to pay. Most of the labourers working in the nearby markets come to the hotel to eat meals at the comparatively low rates and Ahmed said that due to the low rates, profits are a bare minimum. However, the owner is more than happy with the business model, saying that their main priority is to help the poor and not to make large profits.


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