i-genius is media partner for “Asia Pacific Future 100”

i-genius is media partner for “Asia Pacific Future 100”

combining practical support for social entrepreneurs

i-genius is an official media partner for “Asia Pacific Future 100”, a exciting new initiative to inspire and support social entrepreneurs in the region.

The initiative was launched by the Foundation of Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) which is based in Beijing. The aim of ‘Asia Pacific Future 100’ is to inspire people to become social entrepreneurs and provide practical support to those its select to be its first Fellows.

i-genius members are invited to apply for Fellowship. Successful applicants will receive far-reaching promotion, mentorship and consultancy support. They will also becoming part of a great network of other young entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific region and will be promoted as positive role models by FYSE so as to inspire other young people to become social innovators.

Criteria for those who wish to apply is that individuals must have:

1. Founded an NGO, business or social enterprise in the Asia Pacific region and been running it for at least 12 month
2. Be no more than 30 years old

FYSE Executive Director, Andrea Krause said social entrepreneurs are more necessary today than ever before. She said “many young people in Asia Pacific, like young people in other regions in the world, suffer from an employment crisis with very limited employment opportunities being available to them. Social and environmental issues are still prevalent and require a new kind of entrepreneur, who is passionate to bridge disparities, to solve social and environmental issues while approaching the solution with a business mindset. Becoming social entrepreneurs is a solution for young people to find their path into meaningful and impactful employment while making a living for themselves”.

i-genius is one of a number of organisations supporting the initiative. Others include: Beijing Today, Jakarta Post, Youth Action for Change, Social Innovation Japan and Woman of China.
i-genius founder and CEO, Tommy Hutchinson said, “this is a great initiative combining practical support for social entrepreneurs whilst show casing them to inspire others. A lot of very exciting things are happening in the Asian Pacific region and initiatives like this will help to put social innovation at the heart of economic development”.

For full details and to apply for this exclusive opportunity, please go to: http://www.fyse.org and you can view the Andrea Krause full interview for i-genius on http://i-genius.org/member/profile.php/id/2349


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