MAQTOOB on the Move – 12 countries in 12 months


UK startup, Maqtoob, an online platform for entrepreneurs to discover useful business apps have decided to leave the garage in London and travel 12 emerging countries in 12 months to share and exchange their experiences and know-how with the local entrepreneurs.

They’ve called their tour: MAQTOOB on the Move – 12 countries in 12 months. During the tour they are going to talk to students, startups and entrepreneurs in countries (developing/emerging) beyond US/Europe, such as Lebanon, Iran, India, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia etc. and present them with the best tools to build and grow their businesses.

The tour of 12 emerging countries is a non-profit project and its main goal is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs by introducing them to useful and affordable apps that can help them build and grow their businesses. That’s why all events are free of charge as in order to help starting entrepreneurs. Maqtoob’s aim is also to create an international network among these entrepreneurs they meet along the road.

Founders Adil & Kristyna have already visited Lebanon, Morocco, Iran and are now in Kenya, then they will continue with 8 more emerging countries.

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