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One1 is an online membership network to help promote economic independence in Europe and globally. It is the product of 8 years of work and research on creating economic independence in the UK and Europe.

Its aim is to connect people who share the same mission, promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment as tools for people to become economically independent. It is open to individuals, SMEs and multinationals regardless of experience and access to resources. The content will be member led in the form of blogs, webinars and forums as well as a searchable membership directory to further help connect our members.

One1 are hoping to launch One1 in the next couple of months, with a staggered launch introducing all of the features listed in their leaflets. Membership requires an annual fee of €125, this is the same fee whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a billion-dollar multinational. This ensures everyone gets the same say in the direction of the network and access to the same level of support and opportunities.

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