Can Eight Millionaire Social Entrepreneurs Transform a Ugandan Village?

September 26, 2007

Can Eight Millionaire Social Entrepreneurs Transform a Ugandan Village?

Can Eight Millionaire Social Entrepreneurs Transform a Ugandan Village?

i-genius partners with Channel 4’s new Millionaires’ Mission TV series

Aid and development are surely two of the defining global issues of the 21st century.

Whilst billions has been thrown at the problem, global campaigns have been waged, world leaders have promised action… and then more action, nothing seems to change. Like an itch you can’t stop scratching the Aid dilemma persists and grows.

So, maybe, we need to try a fresh approach to an age-old problem?

i-genius has teamed up with Channel 4 Television in, perhaps, one of the most unusual business challenges to date. Forget Big Brother, The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den… This reality TV series with a difference goes straight to the heart of the debate.

Eight self-made multi-millionaires will swap their five-star lifestyles for a makeshift camp with no running water or electricity. Their mission: to improve the living standards of a remote Ugandan farming community.

Armed with a determination to succeed, a wealth of expertise, a track record of getting their own way and £15,000 of their own money, they will need to use all their business savvy like never before – to tackle head-on the seemingly intractable issue of extreme poverty.

It’s a crash course in economics and business African-style, but can eight business leaders brainstorm ideas, execute viable business plans and work together to help the villagers? And, so far out of their comfort zones, how will they cope with the immediate, urgent and clearly desperate needs of the people?

So, ditch your reality TV prejudices and get with The Mission

Check Out: Channel 4’s Millionaires’ Mission website


One comment on “Can Eight Millionaire Social Entrepreneurs Transform a Ugandan Village?

  1. This is a great opportunity especially in large scale commercial agribusiness enterprises and tourism sector development in rural community. This will links millions of small farms to agribusinesses, creating extended food supply chains, jobs and economic opportunities for large segments of the population. Agriculture is still the best bet for inclusive African economic growth and poverty reduction, but no one part of society can deliver everything and partnerships such as this where Eight self-made multi-millionaires comes to directly get involved, have a personal experience and engage in on ground assessment are essential for success. An investment in agriculture reduces poverty at four times the rate compared to other forms of donations

    Focusing on a village is a great idea for depth impact while empowering and building local level capacity and local business companies and organisation at rural community level for sustain measurable impact and quality result.

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