Global Citizen Forum & CCEG Website Launch

June 17, 2013

Global Citizen Forum & CCEG Website Launch

Global Citizen Forum & CCEG Website Launch

Attend the Global Citizen Forum Conference

i-genius affiliate Northampton University recently launched its Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) website, and as a partner of Northampton University’s CCEG we have 20 positions available for i-genius members to attend the Global Citizens Forum on Sunday 30th June at The Dorchester (Park Lane). This is a high profile invitation only event with i-genius’ Tommy Hutchinson attending as a speaker and moderator.

To book your attendance you need to enrol under MEMBERSHIP at 

The Global Citizen Forum Conference is the brainchild of Dr Modi (Forbes Rich List), who has spent over £1m since the beginning of this year hosting these events around the world. Further information on the goals of GCF are available on the CCEG website NEWS –

Speakers, attendees and guests include:

Politicians -Lord Desai, Lord Raj Loomba, Lord Ghulam Noon, Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamed (ex-PM Malaysia for 20+ years), Salman Khurshid (Minister External Affairs, India), High Commissioners,  ….
TED speakers – John Morgan, George Hardwick ….
Chairman/CEO’s – BBC, HSBC, UBS, Christies, Elara Capital, Hinduja Group, Hamlyn Foundation, Gemfields, Reckitt Benckiser Plc, Global Steel Holding ….
… as well as fellow billionaires to Dr Modi, such as Lakshmi Mittal (Arcelor Mittal),  and of course some leading academics from Oxbridge and London.
For your perusal, you can download the ‘Themes of the GCF Conference’ by clicking here.

For more information and to confirm your attendance after enrolling,  please contact:

Professor Olinga Ta’eed
Director, Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise & Governance


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