i-genius to speak at Innovation Warehouse’s Communicating YOU!

June 5, 2011

i-genius to speak at Innovation Warehouse’s Communicating YOU!

i-genius to speak at Innovation Warehouse's Communicating YOU!

how to present you and your business

i-genius CEO and Founder, Tommy Hutchinson will be presenting ‘how to promote you and your business’ on Wednesday 15th June 2011, at the Innovation Warehouse delivering the Communicating YOU! session from 3pm-5pm.

Innovation Warehouse is the London hive for entrepreneurs, startups and soft-landings. It is a collaborative business initiative in the City of London. A group of London’s experienced entrepreneurial business leaders are creating a meeting place in the heart of London for their entrepreneurial initiatives, bringing together the leading London Universities and Business Schools, and other London-centric, National and International Entrepreneurial Networks.

Innovation Warehouse is a for-profit <-> not-for-profit collaboration building upon existing networks of business angels, investors and mentors, universities and business schools, R&D bodies and professional service providers, with the aim of supporting high-growth businesses in urban centres. A core group of mentors provide a small micro-lending fund effectively acting as ‘bank manager’ as well as business advisor to mentee companies. The City of London Corporation is a founding partner.

The Agenda:

1. Branding

2. Pitching for money, sponsorship

3. Public speaking/presentations

4. Pitching to investors and sponsors

5. Networking

6. Media: traditional and online

7. Q&A

* There will be a short break for food and drink.

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