10 Ways Michael Jackson Inspired Social Entrepreneurs

10 Ways Michael Jackson Inspired Social Entrepreneurs

the legend who broke-through and dissolved all barriers

i-genius members all over the world have been mourning the loss of the King of Pop. So at this time of grief, the editorial team felt it worth noting some of the things that made him so great and what social entrepreneurs can learn from his professionalism.

1. Creative Passion – you have to love your work and always seek to improve it, just like Michael did
2. Perfect attention to detail – the little things matter
3. Thrill – your customers and your fans
4. Keeping a brave face – Michael had a few transformations facially but he was always courageous
5. Bounce back from adversity – times become hard for all of us but it’s how you respond that matters and Michael Jackson was a genius at this
6. Thinking Big – there was no one bigger than the King himself but his vision was extraordinarily inspiring
7. Be Proud – he was always proud of who he was and we should be too
8. Be confident – perhaps the single most important ingredient for those who want to achieve something
9. Be a little bit weird – most creative greats are
10. Sprinkle it with magic – The King is Dead. Long Live the King!


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