Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces


The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (GCHW) supports the advancement of workplace health and well-being.

Through a series of initiatives designed to enhance shared learning, recognition and replication, the Global Centre seeks to create a healthier and more productive working experience for all employers and employees, irrespective of their size, location or circumstances.

Formed in 2012 out of a successful partnership between i-genius and International Health Consulting, who organise an annual awards programme – Global Healthy Workplace Awards – with Summits in London (2013), Shanghai (2014), Florianopolis (2015) and Washington, DC (2016) (where it created the Roundtable Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces in 2016) and Singapore (2017).

Previous winners of the prestigious Global Healthy Workplace Awards include:

Multinational Enterprise category: Chevron (2017), Unilever (2016), GSK (2015), IBM (2014), Royal Dutch Shell (2013)

Large Enterprise category: Jemena (2017), Monash University (2016), Unilever Brasil (2015), Telefonica do Brasil (2014), Alexandra Health (2013)

SME category: Lincoln Industries (2017), Vitality (2016), Lan Spar Bank (2015), Spokane Regional Health District (2014), Toyal America (2013)

Governed under the co-directorship of Tommy Hutchinson (i-genius) and Wolf Kirsten (International Health Consulting) the Global Centre works closely with a range of prestigious partners with special mention of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP); International Institute for Health Promotion at American University in Washington, DC (IIHP), Associação Brasileira de Qualidade de Vida (ABQV) and the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO).

A unique feature is of the Centre is that the host country of the Global Awards Summit will assume the Centre Presidency for one year providing additional support and thought leadership. The inaugural presidency is held by Brazil with SESI Santa Catarina assuming official representation.

In 2016 GCHW launched the Global Healthy Workplace Online Course. In partnership with University of Arizona Eller Executive Education, this intensive distance-learning, online certificate program will expand participants understanding of health and well-being and equip them with successful models and practices for creating a healthy workplace (based on the World Health Organization Healthy Workplace Framework).

In addition to the online course GCHW also launched the Global Healthy Workplace Certification in 2016 – a new initiative to bolster the recognition of high quality employer health and wellbeing programmes. This is awarded to organisations, which operate programmes that excel in the creation of healthy workplaces. It enables certified employers to celebrate their achievement and to distinguish themselves as an employer of choice when seeking to retain existing employees, or in attracting new talent. With an emphasis on both universal relevance and adaptability to local conditions, the Global Certification demonstrates an employer’s focus on sound ethical principles, performance and value to stakeholders (including to investors).

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