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Welcome to the i-genius Academy Social Entrepreneur Resources page. This is the place to view and download i-genius’ publications (books, reports, surveys, tool kits, etc) providing ongoing updates for our visitors.

i-genius reports & Surveys

Deliverable report on “The four focus groups of social entrepreneurs in four EU locations to gain a sample perspective on how data can be best utilised in their locality.”
Vilnius, Riga, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, September 2015
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EU Seminar comprising social entrepreneurs and EU policy makers to explore the findings of the data and consultations in order to explore implications for policy
Belgium, July 2015
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Report on better practice models in a variety of areas related to social entrepreneurship (e.g. health, education, community cohesion) and on the mapping exercise
European Union, May 2015
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Workshop to create new methods and develop existing methods on creating critical mass on the usage of data for driving social entrepreneurship initiatives
UK, February 2015
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Opportunity Pakistan – 2014 Lahore Conference Review
UK/Pakistan, November 2014
Download: Review

Opportunity Pakistan – A Policy Paper: Exploring Untapped Potential
UK/Pakistan, November 2014
Download: Policy Paper

British Council Indonesia UK Social Entrepreneurship Study Tour
London, Northampton, May 2014
Download: Notes

Opportunity Pakistan Report – Commission on Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, September 2013
Download: Full Text Report | Slide Presentation Report

Asia Summit on Social Entrepreneurship – Is Asia up to the challenge?
Bangkok, Thailand, March 2012
Download: Summary Report | Asia Survey Report | Additional Document

i-genius Tool Kits

Short Guide to Obtaining Sponsorship | Download

Towards Defining Your Impact Model | Download

The Filmmaker – An Overview | Download

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