European Union Advisory Service (EUAS)

European Union Advisory Service (EUAS)

i-genius’ European Union Advisory Service assists businesses and organisations to take advantage of opportunities and safeguard against threats that exist in the fast-changing continent of Europe. The EUAS consists of two elements: Consultation and Projects.

Relevant irrespective of location to businesses in the UK, EU27 or those outside the European Union.


It provides advice on:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Policy developments
  3. Managing Brexit
  4. EU Funding
  5. Trading in Europe
  6. Base Europe – expansion, investment and trade in Europe

The EUAS is led by Tommy Hutchinson, a former aerospace analyst, European analyst and political adviser to NatWest Group. As director of the Industry Forum, Tommy led two multi-sector corporate delegations to the World Trade Organisation and is a European Commission Expert on Sustainability and Social Innovation. He is the co-author of A Risky Business.

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European Union Advisory Service Projects

i-genius has secured EU funding and delivered EUAS projects to businesses, NGOs and universities. These include:

Web-COSI – a European Commission project examining how social entrepreneurs and civil society engage with data and statistics; partners: OECD, Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT), Lunaria, i-genius. i-genius page | Web-COSI website

College Life and Brexit – presentation and seminar on how Brexit will affect Universities/Higher Education Institutes and students. Learn more:

House of European Art (HEART) – facilitating the development of a charity promoting European values through the arts.

Base Europe first Business Review on Paris is available via

Trade in Europe – i-genius is experienced in delivering trade programmes. It was implementation partner for the Commonwealth SMEs Export program which originated at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Malta 2014