Web-COSI is a grassroots co-ordination action project with the general objective to improve the engagement of citizens and society at large with statistics in the area of new measures of societal progress and well-being. Under the mantra ‘Statistics for Everyone’, Web-COSI explores innovative ways to bring the production, promotion, access and engagement with statistics to life.

Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation (Web-COSI) is based on a four-partner consortium that sees the collaboration among two powerful Institutions (Istat – the Italian National Statistical Institute (the coordinator of the consortium) and OECD – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), characterized by a historical top-down approach, and two young civil society Organisations (Lunaria – the Italian Promotion Association and i-genius – the Social Entrepreneur Business and Enterprise Community), representing society at large pushing for a bottom-up approach. The consortium is multidisciplinary and well-balanced to work creating synergies in order to impact towards a growing integration of the different approaches. The partners are linked by complementing expertise and each one represents a strategic actor within the target domain.

Web-COSI was designed to improve people’s engagement with statistics beyond GDP. It aimed to:

+ increase trust in collectively generated statistics
+ encourage the use of both official and non-official statistics
+ improve the collection, production and visualisation of data related to societal progress and well-being
+ facilitate access, uploading and use of data produced by grassroots civil society organisations
+ promote the use of a broader range of statistics to inform the development of new indicators

The project improved citizen access and use of statistics beyond GDP by:

+ mapping existing measurement initiatives in Europe and around the world
+ involving communities to foster the use of locally generated grassroots data (bottom up)
+ distilling best practice from civil society initiatives supporting the need for official and non-official statistics in debating policy issues
+ investigating the experiences of social entrepreneurs; highlighting their involvement in measuring well-being and progress to steer socially sustainable and innovative initiatives.

i-genius Reports

Deliverable report on “The four focus groups of social entrepreneurs in four EU locations to gain a sample perspective on how data can be best utilised in their locality.”
Vilnius, Riga, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, September 2015
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EU Seminar comprising social entrepreneurs and EU policy makers to explore the findings of the data and consultations in order to explore implications for policy
Belgium, July 2015
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Report on better practice models in a variety of areas related to social entrepreneurship (e.g. health, education, community cohesion) and on the mapping exercise
European Union, May 2015
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Workshop to create new methods and develop existing methods on creating critical mass on the usage of data for driving social entrepreneurship initiatives
UK, February 2015
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