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February 22, 2018
If you are an entrepreneur or a social innovator looking to take your business to the next level or are seeking to achieve self-sustainability, then...
opportunity pakistan
February 20, 2018
Commission Report, Policy Paper and Lahore Conference Review.  Nestled between India, Afghanistan, Iran and China, there is a country with a population exceeding 180 million...
February 12, 2018
Finalists to showcase their programmes at the 6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit on 6th-7th September 2018 Bergamo, Italy Application entries are now open...
creating critical mass on the usage of data for driving social entrepreneurship initiatives
February 8, 2018
EU Web-COSI Usage of data to 'get started'.  The below report describes the outcomes of a workshop organized by i-genius within the activities of the...

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Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit, Bergamo 2018 6th-7th September 2018 The 6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit is hosted in partnership with the Health Protection Agency of Bergamo. Bergamo is a wonderful historic city and a UNESO World Heritage site, approximately 40 km from Milan. The agenda for the 6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit will focus on the...

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