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Welcome to the i-genius business resources page for all things social entrepreneurship, SME and social business start up. We have a links to a range of reports, tool kits and finance and funding resources across the web.


Finance and Funding


Big Issue Invest:

Bridges Fund Management:

Clearly So:

CAN Invest:

The Funding Circle:

Funding Central:


Reports Across the Web


+ WorldFirst FX Reports: Deal or No Deal | Opportunities & Threats to UK Businesses | Seven Global Trends Facing Businesses

+ Wright Hassall: The Go to Guide to Starting a Business – guide to help small businesses start-up successfully and become sustainable:

+ The Young Foundation: “Making Impact Real. Encouraging investment into social infrastructure and public good to stimulate the European economy”: Download Report | “From Good to Growth”: Download Paper

+ See Change: How Transparency Drives Change Report:

+ Social Value in Public Procurement Report by CCEG: Dropbox | Google Drive

+ Report on mapping initiatives and best practice, the results of citizen dialogue on well-being and societal progress:


Tool Kits & Resources Across the Web


+ Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire:

+ Global Entrepreneurship Week Mentoring Tool Kits: Mentor Hanbook | Mentee Handbook

+ CARE: Social Enterprise & Innovation Resources:

+ Creative Trust Open Source Toolkits:

+ uscreates Social Value Measurement Toolkit:

+ seToolbelt:

+ Red Ochre Resources:

+ My Social Business Model:

+ Young Foundation Resources:

+ Incorporating a Social Enterprise: a Simple Legal Guide:

+ How to Start an LLC:

+ The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women:

+ Build, Grow, And Finance Your Business: Resources For Women-owned Small Businesses:

+ Workplace Safety: A Practical Guide for Your Business and Employees:

+ Business Ownership Guide for Female Entrepreneurs:

+ Single Parent Resources for Starting a Business:

+ Closing the gap: How to overcome obstacles as a female entrepreneur:

+ The Importance of Environmental Awareness When Running a Business:

+ Tools and Resources for Women Starting a Business:

+ Public Relations: How to do PR for your Business:

+ Social Media Marketing: 250 Social Media Marketing Strategies:

+ Promotion Strategy: How to Promote your Business in 2020:

+ Closing the gap: How to overcome obstacles as a female entrepreneur:


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