Managing Brexit

Managing Brexit

Managing Brexit

Managing Brexit is one element of our European Union Advisory Service. It supports businesses and NGOs (including colleges and SMEs) in navigating changes that have, and will in the future, take place between the United Kingdom and European Union. Whether you trade, export or provide niche goods or services, the Brexit Advisory Service covers:

  1. Better understanding of the routes Brexit may take and its effect it has on areas such as the single market, customs union, freedom of movement, regulations, EU programmes and trade agreements
  2. Implications for specific sectors
  3. How it affects your business
  4. Production of plans to secure operations in the European Union, including identifying suitable locations (if required)
  5. Opportunities that exist to obtain EU funding (including Horizon Europe) and boost trade
  6. Citizenship and residency options for personnel

Available to organisations in the UK, throughout Europe, and worldwide.

i-genius is based in the UK and Ireland and has worked in over 40 countries. It partnered with the OECD and Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) on Web-COSI (European Union Horizon 2020). It has hosted a preliminary briefing on the affect Brexit will have on higher education College Life & Brexit. The European Union Advisory Service is led by i-genius founder, Tommy Hutchinson, a former aerospace analyst, European analyst and political adviser to NatWest Group. Tommy led two multi-sector corporate delegations to the World Trade Organisation and is a European Commission Expert on Sustainability and Social Innovation. Co-author of A Risky Business.

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