Addlife: Health | People | Action

Addlife: Health | People | Action

campaigning on health related issues

Addlife is a grassroots advocacy organisation, campaigning on health related issues. We are a web based platform, for all people everywhere, to join voices and together accelerate improvements in public health across the globe. 

Addlife brings a new dimension to health issues campaigning:

1. Our broad approach to global health issues, reflecting the World Health Organisations focus on social and cultural determinants of health, in addition to the more traditional diseases and treatment approach.

2. Addlife is a not for profit organistion with a mission to give a voice to people across the world who care about improving health for themselves and their families as well as society at large. 

3. Addlife is a single, global team with a mandate to work on any health related issue — allowing campaigns of extraordinary nimbleness, flexibility, focus, and scale.

4. Addlife is wholly member funded; fully independent from any government or corporate organisation.

5. All Addlife campaigns are proposed and selected by its members via a consultation process which involves its Addvocate network as well as its campaign expert groups, who each verify and peer review all materials.

6. Addlife will use its resources to support campaigns that have met their objectives. This could take the form of petitions and evidence based reports right through to orchestrated advocacy and media campaigns and events.

7. Alongside with Addlife campaigning website, the Addlife Foundation is an independently operated charity dedicated to improving the standards of public health and citizen particpation worldwide.

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