Are you a Global Changemaker?

Are you a Global Changemaker?

could you influence your local community?

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where competitions, schemes, initiatives and events all heat up and explode during the sizzling summer season. Word has it from i-genius member Steve Adams, that the Global Changemakers scheme will begin their online application process from 1st – 14th August for 16-19 year old activists with a good command of the English language. So, are you a Global Changemaker?

Oh but wait! What is a Global Changemaker you’re probably wondering?!

A Changemaker is a young activist operating through a range of national and international networks, who is able to influence his or her community as well as speak to authority with confidence and passion. Changemakers are not afraid to challenge either accepted ways of thinking or their convictions. Changemakers are forward looking, they take their ideas and put them into practice.

A Changemaker accepts difference, is flexible, is able to take on new ideas and skills and will communicate them to others. Wow… don’t know about you… but a Changemaker sounds like an exceptional young individual.

For more information visit the events page: Global Changemakers


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