Back To The Real Future

Back To The Real Future

the future is cyclone green

The real Back To The Future is neither back in the past or waiting in the future, it’s happening in the present now. Not even the ‘doctor’ would have predicted Harry Schoell’s invention of the external Cyclone Green Revolution steam engine.

Yes, you read the above correctly! The heat created while burning the fuel creates high-pressure steam, and it can use nearly anything as fuel – liquid or gaseous. Initial tests included the use of fuels derived from orange peels, palm oil, cottonseed oil, and chicken fat. The idea is to use what’s easily available, rather than overusing what’s less and depending on unreliable sources for it.

What about the emissions?
I hear you ask. Well, in a nutshell it’s being engineered so that it can, via its rotating airflow enable a more thorough mixing of air and fuel, thereby creating less exhaust. The engine is designed to conserve what would be waste heat and use it to generate additional power, further reducing emissions.

Engines have already been made to power anything from a weed eater to a commuter train. Just close your eyes, and imagine a more purified future in true Back To The Future fashion, minus the doc’s crazy snow-white hair.


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