Banksy, Is He Back?


using the street walls to initiate change

The word out on the London streets is that Banksy is back in action with his latest street art. The Bristol born (whose identity has yet to be confirmed) artist is famous the world over for his satirical street art, which also holds much more meaning than just a simple protest, or got-nothing-better-to-do artwork.

Take what meaning you want from Banksy’s latest piece, whether it be the glamourisation of gansta culture being sold via hip-hop music to the youth of today, or simply the fact that nothing has changed since the days of hip-hop street dancing into modern day gun crime.

Needless to say, this latest art piece is fantastic – the juxatoposition of the teddy bear and the gold chain with the machine gun pendant are striking. Banksy’s work amongst others is a reminder to us all of two things. 1) That we still need to go a long way until society is purified. 2) There are many other mediums for protesting, which in turn affects the thoughts of others.

To check out more of Banksy’s work, browse his website:

You can also view some of Banksy’s work via Artsy:


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