Bringing Life to Life

Bringing Life to Life

New Google Earth Outreach programme launched

The new Google Earth Outreach programme to help charities and NGOs reach tens of millions around the world has been launched with the support of Sir David Attenborough. Campaigners can overlay written, audio and video information onto Google Earth enabling their campaigns to be viewed by people across the globe.

Charities like Wildscreen which document and photograph endangered species around the world in a project called ARKive, and WaterAid are using Google Earth to highlight their work. Sir David Attenborough said: “Having spent over 50 years working in natural history broadcasting, I know how important technological innovation is for reaching new audiences. Google Earth is a really powerful way for Wildscreen to show the vital work it is doing with the ARKive project. Its visual, easy to understand, and another important step in helping us appreciate that without care and conservation many of our amazing plants and animals may soon be lost forever”.

Chief Almir Surui from Brazil is also working with Google to map his tribes land in the Amazon and the damaging effects caused by over logging and environmental damage.

More information including tutorials, case studies, a KML showcase and other online resources can be found at  

Charities and NGOs in UK, USA, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland can apply for Pro Grants of Earth and SketchUp under the programme. But pressure is already mounting to have the free facility extended to campaigners throughout the world. Tommy Hutchinson, founder of i-genius who attended the London launch said: “This is a wonderful new resource which could really help save the planet and protect the people and species who live on it. I hope Google will extend their programme so campaigners throughout the world can benefit from their generous offering.”


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