Catwalk models drink too much – official!

Catwalk models drink too much - official!

absolute vodka…

You just can’t keep those Brits away from their beer. According to European Union research a staggering 40% of young people (18 – 24 year olds) in the UK are “officially” binge drinkers ie they drink more than is good for them. 

In response to this rather startling stat the British Home Office have launched a new binge drinking campaign (that’s anti-binge drinking, rather than pro!).
Part of this, £4 million goes into a whole array of media – including some rather eye-catching TV ads, and a rather tasty (or shocking depending on your bent) viral campaign.

Whether it will work or not in keeping young folk from their Absolute Vodka is hard to say but it certainly seems to prove that sexy models should avoid the stuff.

You can view the evidence for yourself:


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