Causes Re-launched as a Social Network

Causes Re-launched as a Social Network

unite behind a common cause

Causes has been around for a while, previously as a entity that brought audience attention to a particular cause. The new site, which recently launched will be a social network with a focus on education and charity. It hopes to get their user-base of 186 million users back on the site and engaging with the community and content. Causes is the place to discover, support and organize campaigns, fundraisers, and petitions around the issues that impact you and your community.

“We believe there will be special purpose but deep social networks around specific parts of your identity” Causes CEO Matt Mahan tells me. ”We think your purpose or civic identity is a core part that’s currently underserved.”

Why Does It Work?
By building a passionate audience around social, political and cultural issues, our members can collaborate quickly and effectively on solutions to today’s toughest problems. And with built-in communities of support, no campaign starts from scratch

3 little steps:
+ Build your profile & show the world what you care about
+ Join with friends, leaders& communities ready to help you
+ Work together to make a difference faster &more effectively

Go ahead. Find your cause and collaborate on what matters:


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