Celebrated Hub Takeover Crowdfunding

Celebrated Hub Takeover Crowdfunding

turn your disability into an ability

The Celebrated Hub derives from the work of its coworking incubating residents who achieve business startup and career success with a tested business model, a clear action plan, and a well-rounded arsenal of skills to keep the wheels in motion. The Celebrated Hub showcase people with learning disabilities amazing talent’s from the cogs behind the wheel community co-working business hub.

  • There are about 1.5 million people – nearly 3 in 100 – in the UK who have a learning disabiity and only 40% of people with a learning disability are in some form of work compared to 67% of people that have no disability.
  • Up to 30% of ex offenders have a form of learning disability or learning difficulty
  • 40% of the 5000 self made millionaires surveyed by the Celebrated Hub have some form of learning disabilities

The Celebrated Hub are doing a crowd funding project to refurbish an old pub to kick start the Celebrated Hub takeover project.  

Social Impact:
  • Reduce learning disability hate crime (raising learning disability acceptance)
  • Reduce learning disability poverty (sustainable work based on acceptance & outsourcing skills)
  • Increase learning disability employment (inclusive training + pop up space)

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