China-UK Social Entrepreneurs Online Dialogue

China-UK Social Entrepreneurs Online Dialogue

empathy felt at the UK/China teleconference

i-genius in partnership with British Council hosted a teleconference seminar in London, UK, and Guangzhou, China, on Thursday 3rd of June. The seminar explored how social businesses support disabled access in public service areas such as education, employment, healthcare, transport and sport. Participants met and communicated online by using CISCO’s cutting-edge Tele-Presence facilities.

The China-UK Social Entrepreneurs Online Dialogue teleconference is part of the Skills for Social Entrepreneurs project by the British Council. The purpose is to improve the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience between the social entrepreneurs from China and the UK through regular dialogues and to build engagement and trust amongst the social entrepreneurs.

The first of four sessions co-hosted by i-genius lasted for 3 hours through which British and Chinese participants exchanged informative and inspiring dialogues on a range of issues. The next sessions will be held in Shanghai/London, Chengdu/London, and Beijing/London. If you are an academic or social entrepreneur in the field of education, environment, poverty, social enterprise development, and you would like to be involved in one of the sessions, please send us an e-mail.

View photos of the teleconference: Click Here!

Short-film: iGeniusChannel


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