Cycling your way to electric fitness

Cycling your way to electric fitness

health + energy + environment

Hey New Yorkers did you know that the New York Sports Club has a new spin class you may want to consider. Last year, the Chelsea club, located at West. 23rd St. and Eight Ave., installed Star Trac Spinner NXT bikes that are only available at 75 gyms in the entire country. These bikes not only spin your legs into prestigue shape, but also convert your sweat, stamina, leg power and even tears, into electricity. As the conkers have fallen and summer has made way for Autumn, why not get ready for the winter chill in electric fashion.

The bikes are created by The Green Revolution, Inc.; and according to the company’s website, it “connects health + energy + environment by turning human effort within a health club into usable energy… an idea whose time has come.” Pretty clever hey. The overall idea is to rig these up to houses in order for people to generate their own energy for consumption. i-genius will be on the hunt for more cool gadgets.

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