An interview with Carolina Vasquez

i-genius: Why did you create Make More Films?
Just a few weeks ago at the beginning of 2013, I decided to create docs about social innovators. So, Make More Films is an umbrella for all these new projects that highlight people’s passion for what they do.

i-genius: What inspired the name?
It’s a feeling I have … I want to make more films.

i-genius: What is the biggest challenge as a filmmaker?
Staying true to your idea right to the final edit.

i-genius: What is the future vision for filmmaking?
Mashups and free distribution.

i-genius: What’s your favourite documentary?
Life In A Day
Sit back this is 1 and half hours of bliss!

i-genius: Anything else you would like to share?
Sure, follow our films on

i-genius: Thank you!
Carolina: Thank you, I’m glad to be part of this community!


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