Erasmus for Social Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Social Entrepreneurs

funding opportunity for international exchanges

The EU-funded project Erasmus for Social Entrepreneurs offered by Euclid Network aims at helping new entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills for managing a small or medium-sized social enterprise by spending time in a social business in another EU country. You can either choose to be a host (called a Host Entrepreneur, or HE) if you have been running your own business for more than 3 years, or a guest (a New Entrepreneur, or NE), if you have been running it for less than 3 years.

Why go on exchange?

  • foster cross-border transfers of knowledge and experience between entrepreneurs
  • improve your know-how by job shadowing an experienced social entrepreneur
  • develop partnership for funding and your international networks
  • learn about your own leadership

Exchanges must be between EU member states and will generally last one month, though can be up to 6 months (in separate blocks if requested).

New Entrepreneurs can receive up to €1,100 towards their costs for a one-month exchange. Hosts benefit doesn’t receive funding, but would benefit from having access to highly skilled and motivated entrepreneurs working in their organisations, as well as learning about a new market and a different way of working.

In order to participate it is fundamental to register, applying on the platform of the European Commission. Business plan (but only for New entrepreneur), CV and description of your motivation is all you need. If you are either a new or host entrepreneur, you will also need to contact an intermediate organization that can support you for any problem you might have during the exchange. Euclid Network will be pleased to be your intermediate organization!

To apply and have additional information, visit the website of the European Commission:  

For any questions on the above please do not hesitate to make contact with:


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