F1 Starts Down Under (A Greener Sport)

F1 Starts Down Under (A Greener Sport)

Englishman Jenson Button Wins Down Under

The first race of the 2009 F1 (Formula One) season got off to a pulsating and thrilling start down under in Melbourne, Australia. All eyes were focused on Button and the newly formed Brawn GP team (with investment from Richard Branson’s Virgin empire) who had a fantastic race and stayed in pole position throughout… there were crashes and tight battles all over the track, and with just a few laps to go, a rush of blood went straight to the young Vettel’s head as he collided with Kubica, allowing Barrichello into 2nd space to give Brawn GP a 1st and 2nd grand prix historic finish.

What a dream start to the new season for the newly forged team after Ross Brawn bought out Honda (who pulled out due to being caught in the global recession). However, the racer of the day has to go to Maclaren’s Lewis Hamilton. Starting in last position to finish 3rd is just simply amazing and seldom done in F1.  But hey, this news isn’t all about sports… this is a social and environmental website for all you social entrepreneurs out there. 

Brawn GP, who could take on the Virgin name in full (decision to be made within the next month or so) have a lot more to celebrate than just winning the open race of the 2009 F1 season. Being the eco-friendly champion that Branson is, he has invested a lot of money into a company called GEVA. One of the tasks they have had is to see if they can come up with a fuel for Formula One, maybe called the Virgin fuel, that is clean, doesn’t emit any carbon, and can perform as well as the dirty fuels used in cars to date. Branson was delighted to announce that they have come up with such a fuel, and over the next few months we will be trying to talk to Formula One and the various car companies to see if we can have it introduced as the one F1 uses so it can go from being a slightly polluting sport to a clean sport. Fantastic stuff!

Can Hamilton retain his title? Most definitely so. Can Button and Brawn GP prove to be title contenders? Definitely… Will the sport get greener? We hope so. Wow, what an exciting season ahead of us… up next, Malaysia.



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