Gingko Fellows study tour UK social entrepreneur scene

Gingko Fellows study tour UK social entrepreneur scene

from london to wales, cumbria, and back

Skipping straight off the train from Liverpool back to London, i-genius hosted the delightful Gingko Fellows from China for an innovative and scenic social entrepreneur study tour in collaboration with the British Council, Beijing, (and partnered by the Narada Foundation). In the short space of a week (27th June – 4th July) we managed to travel from London to Wales, Cumbria, and back to London covering a variety of business aspects in team management, capacity building and motiviation, public education and advocacy, volunteering, mobilisation, public credibility, brand building, financial managament, cross-sector cooperation, and so much more. We even managed to emerse ourselves in history, visit community centres, social businesses, and a social enterprise village – great things do indeed come in small packages.

The Ginkgo Fellow Programme founded by the Narada Foundation aims at cultivating top-level talents for the philanthropic sector. The fellows in attendance represented the ‘Beijing Migrant Workers Home Cultural and Development Centre’, ‘Kumming Zhenshanmei Culture Communication Ltd.’, ‘Kunming Environmental Science Association’, and the ‘China Dolls Care and Support Association’. It was a real pleasure hosting the group and each and every one of the participants were nothing short of charm, friendliness, and top-talent. We finished the study tour with a round table discussion at the Innovation Warehouse, followed by a feedback session and a fond farewell. Stay tuned-in for more information on future study tours and how you can be involved!

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