Giving the Children of Karamoja the Hope For a Better Future

Giving the Children of Karamoja the Hope For a Better Future

Christian Action for Rural Development

Karamoja, a northeastern region in Uganda, is now striving and doing its best to find its place on the development map after suffering several years of neglect by past governments and being considered a slow mover by the other regions of the country. Because of the eagerness to change and to contribute in the development of the region, Pastor Amnon Bwoch and i-genius member John Peter Okori – two individuals full of passion and hope to help the Karamoja community through education – involved themselves in a number of local development initiatives geared towards improving the quality of life for vulnerable children and the youth.

Recent studies show that merely 12% of the girls and 14% of the boys in Karamoja have chances of access, retention, and completion of a school cycle. With this fact in mind and the idea of instilling a sense of value to education to the kids of Karamoja, Pastor Amnon and Mr. Okori started ‘Christian Action for Rural Development’. Christian Action for Rural Development is an indigenous faith-based NGO which aims to provide education to the children of Karamoja through an early childhood development program. When this education program becomes successful, the children of Karamoja will have a better future ahead of them which in turn will make the region of Karamoja a better place to live in.

Pastor Amnon and Mr. Okori aim to make this humble education program a success for it will give the kids of Karamoja a reason to smile from their hearts and, of course, a brighter future for themselves and their region. The youth are also engaged in Sports, Music, Dance and Drama as well as local arts and craft as part and parcel of the Information, Education and Communication strategy.

If you have some way to help them achieve this simple goal of providing education to the children of Karamoja and/or you want to have more information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact;

1.    John Peter Okori 
Email: and Tel: +256 772 822 338

2.    Pastor Amnon Bwoch
Email: and Tel: +256 772 911 491


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