Goodwill Social Work Centre


making waves of change in India

Since its inception the Goodwill Social Work Centre has been working in the areas of children’s rights, children’s rights through artwork, Children’s environmental health rights, humanitarian aid, Intensive family preservation of dysfunctional families, Youth and women development, non-formal employment training for youth, community technology services, environment education and action, social research, NGO capacity building and networking and NGO consultancy. GOODWILL is highly professional in its approach and its methods are underpinned by a strong academic research ethos.

GOODWILL’s mission is to profess and practice ‘Goodwill Social Work’ as a philosophy, a practice mode and an approach, which is preventative, rehabilitative and developmental in perspective and based on the principles of scientific humanism in line with the professional social work model. It combines social philanthropy, professional social work and social development.

One of GOODWILL’s achievements is that the NGO was declared as one of the four winners of “Panda IT Aid”, Panda Software International, Spain. The other organisations are Save the Children (with a pan-European project),Spain, Fundación Braille (Uruguay) and Paideia (Paraguay). These four winning projects were selected from 15 finalists through a vote held among all the employees of the Panda Group across 56 countries. In a previous phase, the selection committee had selected the fifteen finalist initiatives from the more than 130 projects presented in this first edition of Panda IT Aid. GOODWILL has received a cash award and Panda Software solutions for the Community Technology centres created in Madurai,India.

To find out more about GOODWILL, please visit the website at:, and watch its video on YouTube at:


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