Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011

the year of the entrepreneuring white rabbit

Happy New Year 2011 to our dear friends and members of i-genius. We hope you had a warm and delightful Christmas and that you’re ready for the year ahead. It’s the year of the white Rabbit, so it promises to be a fun-filled hopping adventure with a sense of intuition, caution, gracious manners, and sensitivity. This is a year for exploration of the imagination and the bold development of social entrepreneurship. Be patient, be brave, and change the world within your own orbit. Good luck to all you aspiring (and established) social entrepreneurs.

We have a lot in the pipeline here at i-genius and we will be look forward to updating and involving you in our developments.

Allow us to take the opportunity to let you know about The Social Venture Academy, which is a leading opportunity for visionaries to explore their passion for social change, collaborate with social entrepreneurs on globally impactful innovations, in order to make a difference in their communities now.

For the first time in Asia in 2011, the Asia Social Venture Academy recruits the 200 brightest and most daring young leaders from around Asia and globally to work alongside social entrepreneurs on their challenges and ventures during a powerful five-day social entrepreneurship program in Hong Kong. Don’t just listen to speeches – work alongside social entrepreneurs!

For more info: http://www.i-genius.org/event/index.php/id/158


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