i-genius bigs it up on Valentine’s Day

i-genius bigs it up on Valentine's Day

i-genius UNESCO’s Site of the Month

Here at i-genius we consider ourselves to be a modest, humble team of social entrepreneurs who wouldn’t dream of banging our own very small drum.

But, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and have we received one helluva of a present. A huge bouquet of flowers I hear you say. Nope. Chocolates, jewellery, a marriage proposal? Never. A dodgy email from some tenth rate dating site asking to meet up for a little romance and love? No such luck.

No, those lovely folk at UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity have only gone and made i-genius their Site of the Month. And the team are simply lost for words.

Except we’d love to spread some more of that social enterprise love around…

Source: UNESCO Newsletter

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