I-Genius Goes Big in Pakistan

I-Genius Goes Big in Pakistan

Pakistan – The Nation newspaper covers social entrepreneurship

The cold nights might just be on the horizon here at i-genius HQ in the UK but, this week, we’ve received a truly welcome ray of warm sunshine from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s highly respected and influential English language newspaper The Nation has taken social enterprise to its journalistic heart. With i-genius at centre stage, it kicks off with a full-page spread on the merits of social entrepreneurs and how they can transform a society and its culture as well as playing an increasingly crucial role in economic growth and wealth creation.

Exactly how did i-genius come to feature so heavily in a national newspaper?

Well, it’s all thanks to i-genius’ Ambassador in Pakistan Uzma Ahmed. She is dedicated to promoting social enterprise and i-genius in her native country. And her successes to date? Way too many to mention here but she has persuaded The Nation’s Editor to run an article on social entrepreneurs in general and i-genius and its 2008 Thailand World Summit in particular.

So, Uzma, thanks for passion and long may it continue…

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