i-genius score at SfCM 2010

i-genius score at SfCM 2010

~ learning how to make change ~

England may be down and out, but i-genius with a touch of simplicity and zest were setting the 2010 SfCM conference in a wave of free-flowing dialogue and a learning track workshop that scored in every corner. I-genius CEO, Tommy Hutchinson, and Creative Director, Barry Crisp, were invited to host a 5-day workshop on ‘Change in Business’. The workshop focused on scoping ideas, business and project planning, marketing and sales, public relations and social impacting, and raising finance. Needless to say the i-genius workshop was oversubcribed and a success from kick-off to the final whistle.

The SfCM (School for Changemakers) presented participants from all over the world with opportunities to learn from the professional, social and spiritual motivations of leaders from many different walks of life. This gave future generations of leaders a rare opportunity to broaden their knowledge, experience inner change and develop their leadership skills. The SfCM – a 5 day residential leadership development programme (18th June – 23rd June 2010) was a collaboration between Liverpool Hope University and Initiatives of Change, a multi-national charity that works to build trust across the world’s divides.

When i-genius weren’t busy passing knowledge on to others, we were attending the many delights that the SfCM conference had to offer; early morning reflection time, world cafe, keynote speeches, dance, music and drama, and as you may have guessed a spot of footy in the park. ‘It’s so inspiring and refreshing to be surrounded by positive people doing amazing things to make the world a better place,’ said i-genius’ Barry Crisp.

Photos of SfCM

Barry’s SfCM Blog Post

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