Innovation in the City of Angels

Innovation in the City of Angels

crossing borders and connecting Asia

Is Asia up to the Challenge? Yes, it is! This was the theme and question posed by the i-genius Asia Summit on Social Entrepreneurship in the City of Angels (Bangkok). With over 75 participants from across Asia, the two-day interactive summit connected individuals, businesses, academics, media, organisations, and government personnel together for what proved to be an intimate and inspiring gathering.

On the first day of the Asia Summit i-genius released the results of its pan-Asia survey, which discovered that universities need to improve (not just in Asia, but globally) in order to adapt to the changing social and business markets. There were also inspiring case studies on relevant topics such as eco-entrepreneurship. The format was round-table conversation style with minimal formal presentations thereby giving participants a real opportunity to dig deep and contribute to the topics.

Over the two days each participant tackled the 7 challenges with innovative thought and passion, whilst working together with their fellow Asian professionals. The ideas and partnerships created crossed borders and even developed into a new East Asian Social Enterprise Network, of which i-genius is proud to be the catalyst.

But rather than go on about the summit please view some photos by clicking on the links below:

i-genius Asia Summit Day 1:

i-genius Asia Summit Day 2:

East Asian Social Enterprise Network Workshop:

Barry Crisp’s (i-genius Director, Media and Communications) thoughts and sightseeing photos:

P.s. i-genius Asia Summit on Social Entrepreneurship film coming soon!


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