International Health Awards Rome 2011

International Health Awards Rome 2011

Invitation to apply for 2011 International Health Promotion Awards

URAC and the Care Continuum Alliance 2011 invites you to apply for the prestigious International Health Promotion Awards to honour and share best practices.

You can nominate a programme in one of two categories:

International Community Health Awards honour organisations committed to health promotion and education, or disease prevention and care. This award is open to community and non-governmental organisations, charitable foundations, non-profit organisations, for-profit companies, and government agencies.

International Workplace Health Awards recognise wellness and health promotion programmes that opitimise and maintain overall health and mitigate chronic disease risk in the workplace. This award is open to employers of any size, including for-profit companies, non-profits, and government agencies.

The deadline for nominations is September 16, 2011. Finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip to present and share their programme with thought leaders, government officials, non-governmental organisations, health care associations and corporations at the URAC/Care Continuum Alliance International Health Promotion Awards Symposium in Rome December 5-6, 2011. Three winers will be announced in each category for a total of six global winners. Plus there is 3x $5,000 prizes for the three community winners to be won! What are you waiting for? Apply now!


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