Is MySpace for Losers?

Is MySpace for Losers?

losers or not, we need some love!

Well well well, you have seen this caption on street walls… ‘Myspace is for Losers’, but i-genius wants to know from its members if they agree with this statement, and whether they prefer Myspace or Facebook, and why?

Myspace has long been considered a self-centred ‘Look at me’ community website where all members are actively seeking attention. But then some argue that MySpace is the perfect network community website to find like minded people and artists.

Facebook on the other hand is a more close-nit community where people actually know each other in the real world and belong to a network of good friends. Where as MySpace is for the individual, Facebook is considered to be for the group, and a better way to keep intouch with your friends.

Regardless whether MySpace is for losers or not, i-genius needs some love… so don’t be shy – log onto your MySpace accounts, become friends with i-genius and join the i-genius group!

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But of course, if you’re not MySpace friendly, then you can simply type ‘i-genius‘ into you Facebook Search bar and you will find our i-genius groups before you can say the word ‘loser‘.


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