London to Phuket..overland…?!

London to Phuket..overland...?!

Slow and steady wins the race

London to Phuket – quite a journey really. Once you have checked in your luggage at Gatwick, gone through passport control, spent twelve hours watching bad films and desperately trying to get comfortable, you might feel as though you have had quite a mammoth trip when you finally stumble off the plane in Thailand.

But for i-genius membesr Mark Chaplin and Sara Haq – this kind of airborne journey simply doesn’t provide enough of a challenge. So they have taken it upon themselves to make the trip from London to the i-genius world summit in Phuket minus the aeroplane…overland!

They will film their journey as they take a series of trains and buses, kick-starting conversations around the concept of social entrepreneurship with people that they meet from all walks of life. Leaving on the 17th February they will travel through Europe to Moscow, proceed to Beijing, head for Laos and eventually meander into Thailand (sounds simple eh?!) where they will continue to film at the summit.

The adventurers will post their progress on the i-genius site and their own blog which they will launch before they leave. If you are interested in social business, and in this amazing journey, get in touch with

Good luck guys!


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