Mindapples – How do you keep sane?

Mindapples - How do you keep sane?

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If eating five fruit and veg a day is good for your body, then what’s the equivalent for your mind? Mindapples wants to find the five most popular activities that people do to keep themselves mentally well. This is an innovative campaign to promote awareness of mental health amongst the general public – even those who self-identify as “sane” – by asking a simple question: “What 5 things do you do regularly that help you feel more mentally healthy?

Building off the 5-a-day campaign, Mindapples aims to be the biggest global survey “by the people, for the people” ever undertaken in mental health. It will put the concept of daily mental wellness firmly into the public consciousness, and encourage everyone to think about the impact their activities have on the state of their minds. Whether you dance around the house naked, or chase birds – Mindapples wants to know about it.

It’s not everyday someone asks you what you do to stay sane!



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