New Office hour is Asia

New Office hour is Asia

making the connection for social innovation

The Foundation for Young social Entrepreneurs (FYSE) has launched the ‘Office Hour’ to connect young Asian social entrepreneurs to investors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts.

Each guest speaker (and often their colleagues) dedicates 1 to 2 hours per month in which they share their
expertise and answer questions over the phone. Speakers will share the full range of advise entrepreneurs
need, from seed funding, startup marketing, bootstrapping, PR, volunteer management, business planning all the way to mergers and IPOs.

Executive Director Andrea Krause said “It’s a great way for young entrepreneurs to ask for advice, try out an idea, and get guidance. It is also amazing way for speakers to listen to the market, use their skills to empower young entrepreneurs, to discover new sectors or clusters emerging among entrepreneurs and to uncover trends worth covering.”

Office Hours can be any day at any time of the day. And yes, for late workers out there, 8pm IST is no problem! The program will launch in late July 2010 and doors are still open for new partners – no doubt a great way to support and work with a powerful network to support emerging entrepreneurs in Asia!

To join contact: Andrea Krause, Executive Director; Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE)

i-genius is partnering with FYSE on a series of interviews promoting some of the best of their Fellows. You can view the latest this week on our Featured Member or see the interviews channel


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