New Year’s Wishes!

New Year's Wishes!

wishing for snow and world peace

So, the mince pies and turkey has been eaten, complimented by a ice-cold glass of baileys, and the waistline has probably doubled. But now we must all re-focus our attention to the year ahead, for it’s going to be a blast!

2008 has flown by at the blink of an eye. The world has changed, and people have evolved, and as we look out to the dawn of a New Year fast approaching, a magical dust trickles in the air carrying with it the names of social entrepreneurs. 2009 is a year for social entrepreneurship to rock the world in colours not yet seen before, colours beyond our imagination. But most importantly, 2009 is a year for us, all of you in the i-genius community. So together, let’s send ripples in earth’s grand pond the next year and beyond.

And remember that no matter how you spend the New Year, just remember that the beauty of life is always around us. You just have to see it with closed eyes, and hear it with deaf ears. Change and inspiration starts from within.

Have a sexy New Year 2009 that is filled with peace, love and harmony.

Warm wishes,

Tommy Hutchinson        &            Barry Crisp
  CEO & Founder                     Creative Director


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