Obama’s Promise to Social Entrepreneurs

Obama's Promise to Social Entrepreneurs

obama reaching out to social entrepreneurs

The presidential election of Barack Obama has sent waves of joy and tears across the globe. The beat on the street, especially in the US is buzzing, and something positive is definitely hanging in the air. But, what brings Obama and Social Entrepreneurship together in the same breath?

Well, Obama has pledged to create a Social Entrepreneurship Agency within the Corporation for National and Community Service, in order to create more funding for socially targeted startups. The agency would enable nonprofit organisations to obtain federal grants. In turn this will give government vital data to assess which charities are best to fund.

Obama also intends to create a Social Investment Fund Network, which would see both private and government capital being given to cities with innovative solutions to social issues. It is no wonder social entrepreneurs are looking to Obama to keep his campaign promises to invest in the nonprofit world. It’s been eight years long coming, but it would appear a change has come for America and social entrepreneurship.


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  1. I once heard a talk about raising gmnrenoevt grants for social ventures. The speaker was talking about how difficult it is to raise funds for a venture falls between non-profit and for-profit, as his venture could produce modest returns, but primarily was for social purposes. Because he was planning to have some return on investment, he wasn’t able to get certain gmnrenoevt grants. I would be interested to hear about options for raising capital for ventures that are not completely non-profit, but don’t expect IRRs of 30-50%. Ventures that return 0-10% or even some loss, but serve a social cause seem like a great investment for a gmnrenoevt that is already writing off losses. Thank you.

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