Offscreen Expeditions UK

Offscreen Expeditions UK

Did it work? Has their view of Britain changed…?

Offscreen Expeditions 2010 is an educational project that fosters cross-cultural understanding, positively impacting on young people in the UK and the Islamic World.

The project from Offscreen, Digital Explorer and  Bold Creative; provides an educational platform for schools to promote and address cultural issues, and challenge misunderstanding and prejudice. Follow the expedition and get involved at the expedition website:

Bold Creative are excited to be part of the Offscreen expedition, documenting the experiences of young people from the Middle East as they explore the UK. Greg and Tony will be journeying with the team, creating exciting film content that lets young people across the globe enjoy the adventure too.

This was a life changing adventure for 12 young people from the Middle East to the UK

For Bold Creative’s latest Blog Post including photos and videos Click Here:


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