Recommended and In Demand Careers for PWDs

Recommended and In Demand Careers for PWDs

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Despite their condition, people with disabilities (PWDs) are now being offered the same employment opportunities as those without impairments. From the 15.2% in 2011, the number of employed PWDs has increased to 26.9%, as proven by the Kessler Foundation. This has been heightened with the approval of the U.S Department of Labor’s Final Rule, which seeks to “promote government contractors and subcontractor to hire applicants with disabilities.” In this post, we want to share the top job opportunities for PWDs in the US.


Citing Forbes, how2become Director Richard Mcmunn said there is a multitude of careers in the “booming” healthcare sector. Whether for people with vision loss or hearing impairments, the appropriate healthcare job depends on the disability, as well as the obligatory accommodations that must be done on the type of job.

Finance and Accounting

According to CPA Practice Advisor, accounting firms are a good place for PWDs. It is a good niche for people who are highly-trained, especially when dealing with tax services, financial planning assistance, and estate planning.

Artistic Careers

It has become a dilemma for PWDs to bring out their artistic side in finding the right career. Fortunately, some initiatives from art affiliations are being conducted, in  a bid to loosen up these constrictions. One of which is a deaf-led company named Deafinitely Theatre, which empowers deaf culture, pride, and identity in art.

From these job opportunities, it’s interesting to see how people with disabilities are blending into the workplace, in a bid to change our thinking towards their conditions. What type of job are you looking for?

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Reese Jones wants to become a volunteer of the Amnesty Organisation, a human rights group that fights work discrimination. To fight for equality in the workplace, she reads almost all resources online, including “Are Single Women Discriminated Against at Work?” by Richard McMunn. For more information, you can add Reese to your Google+ circle.


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