Resources to Become Entrepreneurs, Paragon 100

Resources to Become Entrepreneurs, Paragon 100

providing youth with the resources to become entrepreneurs

The Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship (FYSE) recently launched the first online database in Asia Pacific to provide young people with information where to get support to start their own ventures. As many countries cannot create adequate jobs to integrate all young people into the economy, youth entrepreneurship has emerged as alternative, as it integrates unemployed youth into the labor market and tackles poverty through the creation of jobs. 

With many youth lacking skills and knowledge, as well as educational and financial support, the online database will prove to be a lifeline in enabling youth to access information in a easy and convenient way. The information includes a list of courses, workshops and trainings on entrepreneurship and available business plan competitions in which young people can take part.

The aim of the database is to provide young people in Asia with a one-stop source for young aspiring entrepreneurs to get all the information they need to take the first steps towards becoming entrepreneurs and a source for organizations to attract aspiring entrepreneurs to their programs.

The Resources can be found at   Under “Resources”
or at


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