Shooting Colombia

Shooting Colombia

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Shooting Colombia is an intriguing project to change the perception of Colombia abroad by inviting foreign nationals to document through film and photography the good and bad of Colombia. The project also called upon amateur photographers from around the world to submit their favourite shots of Colombia. Over 860 pictures were submitted via their Flickr page and those that were found to best represent Colombia’s biodiversity and culture can now be seen on this page.

It is hoped that through the Shooting Colombia website the project can showcase Colombia’s richness, diversity and beauty. The project is ongoing and will be constantly updated. So if you would like to contribute please share your pictures via the Shooting Colombia Flickr page.

Shooting Colombia has been initiated by The Colombian Connection Project (TCCP), which was started as an independent initiative seeking to make a positive contribution in Colombia. As part of its mission, TCCP seeks to:

  1. Devise an international network of goodwill ambassadors that will spread positive news and stories about Colombia.
  2. Create a unique and positive story about Colombia for journalists.
  3. Raise funds for Colombian charities.
  4. Use creative expression to show Colombia as a diverse, innovative and welcoming destination.

Visit the Shooting Colombia website to learn more about this cool and innovative project.


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