Skills Empowerment Centre


i-genius member John Peter Okori’s Aridland Development Programme and Bicycle for Humanity have teamed up with an ambition to empower communities by using technology and the internet to deploy a ‘Skills Empowerment Centre’ (SEC).

The first phase is to use 7 inch tablets and the internet to provide education to African people (initially in Karamoja, Uganda), for everything from basic education to medical information. This will allow people to begin to build relationships, support for the needy poor of the poorest in mentoring, training and various other projects with members of i-genius, Karamoja, the church and community, and beyond.

It is hoped that, any supporter of this initiatives can participate in this new connected world with its community where everyone in any given company/organisation, church and/or community can volunteer. No matter their skill set, teaching, dental, medical, business, agriculture they need help and many have the skills and even a few hours a month to help via internet would be beneficial.

A Skills Empowerment Centre (SEC) will be established in local communities with 25 Android tablets all loaded with basic educational material for all ages, plus hundreds of books that anyone can read. With a shortage of teachers, doctors and nurse’s in local communities, basic health training delivered over the tablets is very important. All tablets are preloaded with this material, plus all communications software and members of our community will have Skype and email accounts to allow communications as the program grows. With new tablets like the Ubislate, an entire Skill Empowerment Centre can be delivered to a local community for less than $1500 allowing everyone in the community access to education and communications in a connected world and everyone in an i-genius community and similar to volunteer and to connect with local people without the cost and the time of travel.

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