Social Innovation Europe is calling for you!

Social Innovation Europe is calling for you!

this is just the beginning

Recently, social innovators in Europe gained a powerful tool, and an exciting opportunity; the Social Innovation Europe online platform ( has gone live, and innovators across the continent have the chance to experience their community in an exciting new way. The online hub aims to become an indispensible resource—an engaging magazine and a thorough directory—providing the latest information on European social innovation; it aims to become a clearinghouse featuring interviews with prominent innovators, case studies of successful ventures, the latest research, and in-depth analysis from the leading thinkers in the field. On top of this, the SIE platform will provide extensive listings of innovative organizations which will help us engage with our peers, at home and abroad.

The Social Innovation Europe initiative (SIE) represents a major effort to build and streamline the social innovation field in Europe. The project is run by a consortium of partners including Euclid Network and the Danish Technological Institute and led by the Social Innovation eXchange (SIX). To ensure that your region is well represented, you can become a country partner. This is just the beginning though – it needs your to help make it a truly dynamic resource!

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